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3 Awesome Coincidences of Palmistry

I know what you are thinking. No, I don’t believe in palmistry. But I used to believe—not just in palmistry but in every crappy out-of-the-sort things. But, it is fun to relate everything to your palm! Coincidentally, I have found some great coincidences of palmistry.

If your palm is big, then you like to do ignorant things

Generally speaking, people with large hands do very fine work and love great detail in work, while those with very small hands go in for large things, and cannot bear detail in employment. Small hands, on the contrary, prefer to carry out large ideas, and, as a rule, make plans far too large for their power of execution. They love to manage large concerns and govern communities, and, speaking generally, even the writing of small hands is large and bold.

Hey hey, I am large handed (with microsized writing)!

Your thumb defines your will-power

The long, well-formed thumb denotes strength of of intellectual will ; the short, thick thumb, brute force and obstinacy ; the small, weak thumb, weakness of will and want of energy.

The supple-jointed thumb, bending from the hand, is the indication of the extravagant person, not only in matters of money, but in thought ; these are life’s natural spendthrifts—improvident of time, improvident of wealth. They have adaptability of temperament for both people and’ circumstances; they are quickly at home in whatever society they are thrown ; they have the sentimental love of kindred and country, as opposed to the practical ; they settle down easily to new work and new surroundings, and consequently they quickly make a home in whatever country they are placed.

But, you must be asking, how to know if your thumb is firm or supple-jointed? Just try to bend your thumb backwards. If it breaks at the joint, then it is supple-jointed. Firm jointed thumbs will not bend backwards at the joint even by force.

People with firm-jointed thumb (me!) are more practical ; they have a strong will and a kind of stubborn determination which makes them rather stronger in character, and which is a large element in their success. They are more cautious and secretive ; they advance by slow steps where the other nature will act by leaps and bounds. Again, they are* not erratic like the first mentioned ; they stick to one thing ; they carry out their purpose with a kind of resistless stubbornness ; they have the practical idea of making the most out of their own home and their own country ; they rule with strength ; they have a keen sense of justice ; they control self as they would control machinery ; in war they are solid, strong, and resistless ; in love they are undemonstrative, but firm and stanch; in religion their churches are plain, but solid; in art they have the strength of their own individuality.

Your finger joints

People with smooth jointed fingers are impulsive in thought and arrive at conclusions without using reason faculties. They will jump at conclusions without being able to account for them. They cannot be troubled with details of any kind, and also careless in dressing, appearance and in little matters.

The developed or bulging jointed (my type!) people worry over little things, but cool and calm in important matters. Men with this joint have feminine instinct of dress—they match their dress well. They are observant, analysing and thoughtful. Outside science, they make their best mark in literature.

Author: Arjune Das

I'm an average teen guy and I give self help advices. Some people think me as an idiot. Others--- "You just saved my life". Read my blog and see for yourself.

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