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2 Stages of Relationships

The Romantic Stage

You love your partner too much, and he/she loves you too much too. He/she is always in your mind. And, you are always on his/her mind too! Life becomes awesome.  You think you too are ‘made for each other’. You two would get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. This is the stage of romantic love. It stays for just the first 1-3 months of your relationship. Everything is perfect and okay at this time. You always like each-others company, you smile a lot. You would date regularly, text very much, and try to get closer all the time. This is the romantic love stage in your relationship.

The Committed Stage

Surprisingly, all the romance slips out of the window after a couple of months. Or, does it? You two still feel deep love for each other. You two still tease each other, and still date. Your relationship has matured—the second stage has started. This is the committed stage. Most of the times, the commitment is unspoken. But, you two feel a deep connection between each-other, though sometimes you ignore your partner, or he/she humiliates you.

Author: Arjune Das

I'm an average teen guy and I give self help advices. Some people think me as an idiot. Others--- "You just saved my life". Read my blog and see for yourself.

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