3 Awesome Fashion Hacks for Guys

Confused about dressing well? Yeah. I was too. But, after investing 30+ hours into fashion, I have come up with these tips for making every guy’s life easier, sexier, stylish and comfortable!

Dress to your personality

You yourself define your dress, do not be defined by your dresses. If you are a manager of a business firm, wearing a torn jeans and hoodie is a total failure. And a college guy wearing a $200 suit will also be a total failure. Just be who you are—and dress to your personality. If you are a DJ, then dress like one. If you are a doctor, then dress a bit formally. If you are a rockstar, then—wear sleeveless jackets-with-no-buttons exposing your abs.

Wear dresses that fit

Most of the people wear dresses that are too big or too small. And they feel really awkward when they put on a fitting one for the first time. Wearing an unfitting expensive dress will be less intimidating than wearing a mediocre but well-fitted one.

How to know if a dress will fit?

*Your shoulder seams should not lag, or should not fall short. They must rest on your shoulders just after the collar bone.

*If full-sleeved, your cuffs should not extend past the wrist bone.

And your pants—

*The bottom of your pants/jeans should rest gently on the top of your shoes. There should not be more than one ‘break’ in your jeans—a break is a natural fold from them resting on the top of your shoes.

*Your pants should never sag from your waist, even when leaning or bending over. Plumber’s cracks are never attractive.

Match well

*your belt should match with your shoes and/or accessories.

*If you are wearing dress pants, your socks should match your pants. If wearing jeans, your socks should match your shoes.

*Your accessories must be all gold or all silver.

Take a female to shopping. Their advice will really help you.

Author: Arjune Das

I'm an average teen guy and I give self help advices. Some people think me as an idiot. Others--- "You just saved my life". Read my blog and see for yourself.

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