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  • You should Smile all the Time!

    28th Sep 2019 by

    You will feel good even if you force a smile. Smiling and laughing releases many stress relieving, anxiety relieving, happiness hormones that makes you feel good instantly! Here is an interesting story. Mr. Rowland is never with a smile. His romantic life, social life, business life were all failing. He read a book by Dale… Read more

  • 3 Things Teens Care for Too Much

    21st Sep 2019 by

    Gaming Most of the mornings, I wake up at 7 AM. I brush, and get my phone. There, I play PUBG, PES, Call of Duty, Dream League Soccer, Clash of Clans and what-not for two hours. Then I go to school, where we have discussions about these games all the time. I am not telling… Read more

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