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You should Smile all the Time!

You will feel good even if you force a smile. Smiling and laughing releases many stress relieving, anxiety relieving, happiness hormones that makes you feel good instantly!

Here is an interesting story.

Mr. Rowland is never with a smile. His romantic life, social life, business life were all failing.

He read a book by Dale Carnegie ( a great self-help author). There, he was asked to smile always. He made it an oath.

Next morning, he straight went to the mirror, “Rowland, you will have to remove that scowl forever”. He greeted his wife with a warm smile and said “Good morning”. Her reaction was bewildering. She hugged and kissed him.

He smiled at the liftman. He smiled at the reception. He smiled at his colleagues. He smiled at his boss. He smiled everywhere. Everything became light. Even the huge stress at office. He even smiled at the stress. Amidst total failure of his business, he found happiness.

Everyone around him also felt light and hearty.

So, next time you are under stress, just smile. It’s so fun to  smile without any reason!

About 500 years ago, a Buddhist monk lived in a city. Every morning, he would go to the nearby bazaar. And guess what he would do? He would start laughing. Loudly. Very loudly. He would laugh so much that he would fall down. No reason. Just true laughter. Everyone around him thought he was made and they would also start laughing seeing him.

Later, in a book he wrote that he laughed to give people their happiness, which so lacked then (the king was demanding sky-high tax).

And you know what? It is proved that laughter prevents cancer!

Another story here—

Prem is a salesman. He wakes up at 6 am and goes from house to house, selling his products. He returns home at 10 o’clock.

He is always scowling and frowning at his customers. He is irritated by them.

Just get in the customer’s shoes. How would you feel about a frowning salesman knocking at the door when you are a-busy-as-Satan?

He failed to sell his products.

A friend of him advised him to smile—smile always.

You can guess the results.

Even employees at call-stations are told to smile as they talk (yes, over phone). Because smiling while talking causes a difference in voice which can feel subconsciously.

We are biologically attracted to smiles. Seeing someone smiling sends a signal—YOU SMILE TOO.

So, next time someone is offended, flash a meek smile!

Charlie Chaplin’s moustache quote “I have many problem in my life, but my lips don’t know them”.

3 Things Teens Care for Too Much


Most of the mornings, I wake up at 7 AM. I brush, and get my phone. There, I play PUBG, PES, Call of Duty, Dream League Soccer, Clash of Clans and what-not for two hours. Then I go to school, where we have discussions about these games all the time.

I am not telling you to stop playing, but to play less. Because, at the end, you get nothing productive (except some headshots and bicycle-kicks, if they matter to you). These games are made for escaping reality. But, to me, reality is way too thrilling than these.


Get the latest device. See the latest movie. People seem to go mad at these ‘latest’s (me included). But you know what? I will stop going ‘latest’. I will switch back, for the ‘legends’ and the ‘favourites’ rather than the ‘latest’s. I have been listening to my favourite song at least onc a week for a year. Yet, I have not heard most of the songs released this month,


Impressing has just the opposite effects. The more you try, the less impressed they become. I have seen so many people trying to impress. Rather than impressing, express yourself (your true self). By expressing, you get what you desire from impressing.

3 Awesome Fashion Hacks for Guys

Confused about dressing well? Yeah. I was too. But, after investing 30+ hours into fashion, I have come up with these tips for making every guy’s life easier, sexier, stylish and comfortable!

Dress to your personality

You yourself define your dress, do not be defined by your dresses. If you are a manager of a business firm, wearing a torn jeans and hoodie is a total failure. And a college guy wearing a $200 suit will also be a total failure. Just be who you are—and dress to your personality. If you are a DJ, then dress like one. If you are a doctor, then dress a bit formally. If you are a rockstar, then—wear sleeveless jackets-with-no-buttons exposing your abs.

Wear dresses that fit

Most of the people wear dresses that are too big or too small. And they feel really awkward when they put on a fitting one for the first time. Wearing an unfitting expensive dress will be less intimidating than wearing a mediocre but well-fitted one.

How to know if a dress will fit?

*Your shoulder seams should not lag, or should not fall short. They must rest on your shoulders just after the collar bone.

*If full-sleeved, your cuffs should not extend past the wrist bone.

And your pants—

*The bottom of your pants/jeans should rest gently on the top of your shoes. There should not be more than one ‘break’ in your jeans—a break is a natural fold from them resting on the top of your shoes.

*Your pants should never sag from your waist, even when leaning or bending over. Plumber’s cracks are never attractive.

Match well

*your belt should match with your shoes and/or accessories.

*If you are wearing dress pants, your socks should match your pants. If wearing jeans, your socks should match your shoes.

*Your accessories must be all gold or all silver.

Take a female to shopping. Their advice will really help you.

5 Awesome Reasons to Dump your Partner

He/She is cheating on you

Women and men are pretty equal in figures when it comes to cheating. But, your partner is probably not cheating. Because, 80% of the people never ever cheat even once in their lives. Women only cheat when they are not happy in their current relationship. And how to know if she is happy or not? Just see yourself. If you are happy, she is also 100% happy. If you are not, then she is not.

Do not ever dump if you only think that he/she is cheating. Only know that he/she is cheating when you have 100% prove. And, let me repeat a sentence, “80% of the people never cheat”.

You do not love your partner

Breaking up is a logical next-step. But, sometimes, it gets complex. Maybe, you do not want to break up because of some other needs (money, validation, affection, sex). Then you are shitfaced. I don’t even want to talk with you.

But, maybe you do not love him/her, and want to breakup, but still can’t, as your partner doesn’t want. But, break up still. Have some self-respect. You don’t love him/her, but still in a relationship? Wow. F*** him/her off. Now.

Again, let me repeat a sentence, “breakup if you do not love your partner”.

Your partner doesn’t love you

Yeah. Break up if he/she stops loving you—no matter how much you love her/him. Love one-sidedly, but not being in a relation.

But, you are confused. Just ask him/her whether he/she still loves you or not. If you were truthful in the whole relationship, you will get a true answer. And believe it.
Hey. My sentence to be repeated, “don’t stay in a relationship when you know (not think/feel) that your partner doesn’t love you”.

You are cheating

Wow. You can even do this? Break up now if you forgot to.

Your partner doesn’t fit your values

Maybe you are a double-born Catholic and have sworn off all sex before marriage. But, you boyfriend is a bass player at a music band and bangs girls like his profession. Yeah—break up.

You are defined by your values. If your partner doesn’t fit, break up asap.

2 Stages of Relationships

The Romantic Stage

You love your partner too much, and he/she loves you too much too. He/she is always in your mind. And, you are always on his/her mind too! Life becomes awesome.  You think you too are ‘made for each other’. You two would get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. This is the stage of romantic love. It stays for just the first 1-3 months of your relationship. Everything is perfect and okay at this time. You always like each-others company, you smile a lot. You would date regularly, text very much, and try to get closer all the time. This is the romantic love stage in your relationship.

The Committed Stage

Surprisingly, all the romance slips out of the window after a couple of months. Or, does it? You two still feel deep love for each other. You two still tease each other, and still date. Your relationship has matured—the second stage has started. This is the committed stage. Most of the times, the commitment is unspoken. But, you two feel a deep connection between each-other, though sometimes you ignore your partner, or he/she humiliates you.

4 Tips for Staying Fit in your Busy Life

You work to earn money. You earn money to be happy. But, you are so overworked now—see, at this age you are so grumpy, how much grumpy will you be as a grandfather/grandmother?

Exercise has thousands of benefits and largely influence our lives. (I don’t need to say that!)

Staying fit is not getting six-packed abs. It is for normal functioning of the body and mind. If you are fit, you are 60% less prone to all the infectious diseases. But, you already know that. The problem is, where is the time? Don’t worry. Here are 4 tips for staying fit in your busy schedule.

Get adequate sleep

You will not get the benefits of whole day of workout if you don’t sleep enough. Most of the restoration process gets done in sleep. Growth hormone is secreted only in sleep. Sleep for 6-8 hours. If you don’t get enough time at night, take naps. Sleeping makes you energetic—so vital and reduces stress, anxiety and depression. But, do not even use sleep pills. There are plenty of natural sleeping techniques.

Do the exercise which you like

Suppose, you like to play soccer. But you join a swim club instead—only for ‘the sake of being fit’. It is not going to work. By doing the exercise you like, happiness-hormone endorphin gets released, which makes you happy and has countless effects on health. You will also feel more grumpy after doing 1 hour of sad-faced-workout. And, chances are, you will not continue it for a long time. So, opt for the thing you like. Hit the gym if you like it. Join a basketball club if you like it. Any outdoor sport is good.

Workout for 5 days a week

I know. It is not easy to make up the time. But, if staying fit is important to you (it should be), you must get the time. Any time, even at midnight it is ok to workout (and fun too!). For optimum results, exercise for 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. Anything less than that is not sufficient.

Eat healthy

Make an oath, “I will cut out all artificial foods from now on”. It is impossible to cut out all, but not very hard to avid most. And all means all. You will get 60% of the results you wanted if you follow this oath.

Though genetics has a great role to play in your fitness, it is not very hard to be in great shape. Start from today—this moment. Throw the candy you are sucking.

3 Awesome Coincidences of Palmistry

I know what you are thinking. No, I don’t believe in palmistry. But I used to believe—not just in palmistry but in every crappy out-of-the-sort things. But, it is fun to relate everything to your palm! Coincidentally, I have found some great coincidences of palmistry.

If your palm is big, then you like to do ignorant things

Generally speaking, people with large hands do very fine work and love great detail in work, while those with very small hands go in for large things, and cannot bear detail in employment. Small hands, on the contrary, prefer to carry out large ideas, and, as a rule, make plans far too large for their power of execution. They love to manage large concerns and govern communities, and, speaking generally, even the writing of small hands is large and bold.

Hey hey, I am large handed (with microsized writing)!

Your thumb defines your will-power

The long, well-formed thumb denotes strength of of intellectual will ; the short, thick thumb, brute force and obstinacy ; the small, weak thumb, weakness of will and want of energy.

The supple-jointed thumb, bending from the hand, is the indication of the extravagant person, not only in matters of money, but in thought ; these are life’s natural spendthrifts—improvident of time, improvident of wealth. They have adaptability of temperament for both people and’ circumstances; they are quickly at home in whatever society they are thrown ; they have the sentimental love of kindred and country, as opposed to the practical ; they settle down easily to new work and new surroundings, and consequently they quickly make a home in whatever country they are placed.

But, you must be asking, how to know if your thumb is firm or supple-jointed? Just try to bend your thumb backwards. If it breaks at the joint, then it is supple-jointed. Firm jointed thumbs will not bend backwards at the joint even by force.

People with firm-jointed thumb (me!) are more practical ; they have a strong will and a kind of stubborn determination which makes them rather stronger in character, and which is a large element in their success. They are more cautious and secretive ; they advance by slow steps where the other nature will act by leaps and bounds. Again, they are* not erratic like the first mentioned ; they stick to one thing ; they carry out their purpose with a kind of resistless stubbornness ; they have the practical idea of making the most out of their own home and their own country ; they rule with strength ; they have a keen sense of justice ; they control self as they would control machinery ; in war they are solid, strong, and resistless ; in love they are undemonstrative, but firm and stanch; in religion their churches are plain, but solid; in art they have the strength of their own individuality.

Your finger joints

People with smooth jointed fingers are impulsive in thought and arrive at conclusions without using reason faculties. They will jump at conclusions without being able to account for them. They cannot be troubled with details of any kind, and also careless in dressing, appearance and in little matters.

The developed or bulging jointed (my type!) people worry over little things, but cool and calm in important matters. Men with this joint have feminine instinct of dress—they match their dress well. They are observant, analysing and thoughtful. Outside science, they make their best mark in literature.

The Success Paradox

So true. Read it again. “…and most of all, love of what you are doing”

When I was 9, I aspired to be a professional singer. Day and night, I would dream about throwing concerts in major cities, coming on TV shows, my Youtube channel getting 100k likes. I would work in movies and be a worldwide sensation.

Now, I laugh. Really, so immature (but its ok at that age). I was so sure to be a professional singer. But, though it says that nothing is impossible, it is impossible for me. And for every guy like me—who dream.

A study says that for being perfect at something, at least 24 hours of effort should be put into it per week for 10 years! You have to spend shit-tons of time and effort into something for perfection. And to be the singer of my dream, the amount of time I will have to spend is more than my life-span! It would take 50+ years of constant effort to fulfil my dream. Now, I am 15. After 50 years of effort, I would be singing breakup songs at 65.

But, there is a problem. Even if I make constant effort for 50 years, I would never be a singer. Why? Because I would not make the effort in the first place.

To unpretzel your mind. I do not like singing. I only like the fame and riches as the result of 50+ years of effort.

That being said, I am at the foothills of Mt. Everest. Thinking about the summit, but not climbing much. So, I do not put effort, but only like to enjoy the results.

If you want to be successful, you should not want to be successful in the first place. Confused? This is the ‘Success Paradox’.

You should want to do that thing (put effort into it), in which you want to be successful, for being successful.

So, if you want to be successful in life, think again in which aspect you will shine.

I like writing. I do not want to be great famous writer. I just want to write. That’s it. Simple.

I just write for the sake of writing.

By this mindset, I can be a successful writer. But not a successful singer—as I don’t sing for the sake of singing.

So, you must not want to be successful, rather you must love outing effort into that aspect.

You should love climbing and forget the summit—you should wish that the summit never comes—so that you can climb forever—this is your love for climbing (and you will reach the summit, obviously)

2 Relationship Advices from a 15 Year Old

Sometimes, you are really confused. What to do? And what not to? Many if us are super-confused in romantic relationships (hey that’s me). You want to make your relationship better. You want to connect with him/her emotionally—you want to love him/her madly and want to make her/him love you madly. If you think your relationship is a mess, don’t fret. Here are 2 really great advices (really, read yourself).

Fight (sometimes)

Yeah. I mean it really.

Let, your girlfriend be a selfie-holic. She loves to look good, and you love her looking good (obviously).

Before going out, she goes to the bathroom. You wait. One hour. Two hours. She does all the what-girls-do-there things and asks you about her look. Sometimes, she looks very, very beautiful. Sometimes, she looks like your unshaven bestie.  You love to say her beautiful when she is, but hate to say her looking bad when she literally looks like a clown.

Most of the guys in this situation will nod there head ( that she is beautiful), just to avoid conflict.

But I will say it. “You just look like the neighbour’s pug”. She hates it. Again goes to the bathroom (oh no). You again wait for an hour. Or, some f-words gets spitted on you.

This is very important. You are being honest. This builds trust. She/he is not going to trust you if you lie. F-it. Be you. He/she is going to like (and trust) you for being honest. Actually she/he gets quite attracted. Try it sometimes and see for yourself. This builds trust—most important for any relationship. So, next time be you and be honest and fight. The above was a silly example, conflict in greater things also.

Conflict is not only good, but necessary for relationships.

Its okay not to talk and ignore

Suppose you are very busy. Suppose you don’t have the mod. Oh oh the soccer match is starting, or your friend texts you. Then you ignore him/her. Its totally okay. And like fighting, necessary. Because it shows your honesty which builds trust.

Nowadays, I’m very busy for our coming exams. I have not talked with my girlfriend for days. One night, I got time and found her online. Hurray! I said hi. She replied with my ex’s new video clip (pissed off). Really. I just said good night. She send a ‘nooo’ and a crying emoji. But, I texted with my bestie instead—because—its totally okay (and necessary).

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How to Stop Procrastinating

Yeah. Today is the day. Now is the time.

For a week, I have not written a single word, and the next day I shall post my new article. Our second semester exam starts from next week. To add toppings, I have not studied a bit.

For a week, I have done literally nothing productive. So, today evening, my adrenaline rushed—I will write 400 words for my blog. But—that phone—that mesmerizing, crappy video game Pro Evolution Soccer—and oh oh, she is online!

Okay, I’ll  just chat for 5 minutes, But then my mom, “Go and get some sugar from the shop, if you want coffee”. I would hate going, but I hate no-sugar-coffee more. I went. What a waste of time. I was walking along a lonely road when surprisingly I found the topic for my next article…Procrastination. I have been procrastinating so much lately.

I came home. My phone said a ‘hello’ from her, but I put it aside. Then was study time. But, what was more important? Studying or blogging? So I started writing my article.

There is a secret to stop procrastination. I have not written for a week, so I did not feel like writing. But a soon a s I wrote just a paragraph, I wanted to write more.

So, this is the secret—do something. Do something. Something can be anything relevant.

As a general rule, we get inspired by something (or someone). The next logical step after inspiration is motivation. Inspiration drives motivation, and motivation in turn drives

Emotional Inspiration → Motivation → Desirable Action

This is the general rule.

But, there is a hack. This is not a one way equation, but an endless chain.

Inspiration → Motivation → Action → Inspiration → Motivation → Action → Etc.

Now, the secret is to break the loop like this.

Action → Inspiration → Motivation

Your action, any action (relevant), will inspire you. Inspiration will motivate you. In turn, motivation will cause more action.

I procrastinate a lot. For example, I have to design my website—but I don’t feel like it. So, I tell myself that I will just design the header. As I design the header, my heart pumps faster, mind goes light speed, adrenaline rushes high—hell yeah. This is more addictive than PES or PUBG. I will design my whole website.

I call it the ‘Do Something’ Principle.

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